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Production with traditional methods.

Mabel offers its chocolates, blended them by modern technology with traditional production methods to its consumers. Flavour increases thanks to the traditional methods providing an opportunity for sufficient resting the chocolate on air. If it is summerized with a simple formula, "flavour" on the chocolate produced cocoa butter and cocoa beans relates how these two main components meet together on which conditions. And difference of Mabel is making production on the bean processing unit, which a rare machine in our country. The process, on which special cocoa beans are grinded, ensuring to achieve the highest quality on the chocolate provides the current taste of Mabel.

Additive-Free Products 

Mabel, avoides from any chemical interference, may affect the human health adversely and nature of chocolate cares about production on a reasonable temperature and storage conditions at a maximum level.

It protects cocoa raw materials used for chocolate production. It pays special attention to preparing and processing methods, cleaning and health conditions.


Production quality of Mabel Çikolata is supported by the certificates of high standard, accepted in the world. Mabel has Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 Certificate and Halal Food Compliance Certificate.

For who, prefers to the special ones